Focus on forgiveness

Not merely of others
but forgiveness of self

Forgive our self for not knowing those things
we only learned
too late

Forgive our self for choosing those things
we believed to be best
we lived the consequences

Accept that all we believe
All we do
and especially
All we feel
will lead us to live our lives
in the highest good of all concerned

If we can merely

Trust our self to simply be the magick that we are

1 thought on “Forgive”

  1. Love this Kya, and you too.

    The importance of forgiving cannot be overstated. It appears to be one of the foundational tools for removing blockages within ourselves and thus to heal ourselves, our relationships, and our relationship to, well, everything.

    It’s like throwing weight out of the balloon so we can rise (where’d that come from).

    You are indeed a wise peacock and greatly appreciated.

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