About Kya

Why I Do What I Do

Kya Rose

I’m Kya Rose, a reactivation coach, progressive Humanist clergyperson, and neurodivergent mother of three. 

Two of my children are neurodivergent, like me. The third was a vibrant, talented, beloved young woman who fell victim to the lies told to her by her inner voice and was lost to suicide at the age of 23.

I know all too well what can happen when we don’t heal.

When we forget who and what we are.

When we let fear win.

You could spend thousands of dollars and spend years in Therapy and never get the same level of presence and acceptance I found with Kya. She's been there and done that and has come back with insights that will knock you back and really make you think. I had several areas of my life transform and open up in just seven sessions with Kya and I couldn't be more impressed with her authenticity or her results. Thanks Kya!
Chelsea M.

I’ve always loved fairy tales and, despite what the adults in my life kept telling me, I knew that magic was not only real but vitally important. Determined to discover my own inner magic, I studied Wicca and astrology as a teen. Then in 1993, I was first introduced to the idea of spiritual healing. I quickly joined a beginner’s class to hear about chakras and auras for the first time. 

My highly logical mind questioned every idea that was presented and required evidence and results at every step in the process. Auras? Chakras? Energy? Breathwork? Meditation? Why? Says who? Prove it!

I didn’t just want tools, I wanted theory.

In  I became a Reiki Master Teacher but the teachings were limited and as I moved beyond them, I continued to search. I traveled to various Rainbow Gatherings, tried psychedelic drugs, was ordained as a humanist minister, studied midwifery, and certified as a transformational coach. 

But it wasn’t until after my diagnosis of Autism/ADHD that I finally realized I’d been seeking magic completely backward. I’d wanted magic to give me confidence. But only by accepting myself as a “neurospicy” individual who would never “fit in” could I finally find my confidence, and once I found my confidence, my magic found me. 

Kya is miles above the next best therapist ive ever talked to. Just a great person through and through. My initial impression of her was that she was an incredibly compassionate, caring, loving person that truly cared about the folks that she supported. That NEVER changed [in the eight years I've know her]. I believe anyone would benefit from working with Kya, as long as you take the time to listen to what she has to say.
John S.
Community Mental Health Manager
She is a badass who loves hard and authentically. I always feel safe with Kya and know that she is someone I can turn to when I’m in emotional distress. Not only does she validate my feelings and experiences, but she is already on the move with providing you with whatever support you need.
Olivia H.
These past couple of months have been rough but it’s always been a comfort to sit down with [Kya] and know that I could express what I was really thinking and feeling without judgement. And that we were going to move through some of those things in a way that when we were done with our conversation that I had a new understanding and a new focus. And I just can’t appreciate [Kya] enough. It’s just a beautiful beautiful thing. It’s so much more than the words I’m saying.
Kaire D.
Nutritionist and Doula

In the end, it has taken nearly 30 years of studying, trying, failing, and seeking better information about both spirituality and healing to finally reach this point where I know, beyond all of my doubts and fears, that I have something valuable, powerful, and unique to offer the world.

So come, sit a spell, we’ll do magic together.

By remembering that we can.

By realizing that we should.

And by reconnecting with our (neuro)Divine within.

Kya Rose