Magick 101

Magick isn’t something you do, magick is what you are. Already. For reals.

Humanity has always known that we are magick. We’ve told tales as old as time about sorcery and powers. Spells and hexes. We vividly imagine the realms where magick abounds. Despite this cultural knowledge, we’ve somehow convinced each other that there is no real magick in our world.

This is a dangerous untruth.

Our nursery tales of magick lands teach us that, were there any magick around, we’d need to be careful that it’s good magick and not bad magick.

In reality, there is only one magick.

That one magick – that conscious, creative, dynamic force – expresses itself through everything, in infinite ways. Some people call this force God.

God is a toxic word. Magick is closer to what it is. To what you are. To what we all are.

Magick. We are all magick.

Lesson One completed.

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