The cocoon

Our healing journey can be compared to many things. I’ve compared it to the sprouting of a seed before. Lately, I’ve been comparing it to the transformation of a caterpillar. Mostly because my current state of mind can be excused and understood when I define it as a cocoon. After exhausting myself by running around…

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Four words that will turbo charge your ascension!

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Home of the Sprouting Seeds

I renamed my church, again. Wait. Don’t go. Please hear me out…

Healingwise Remothering

Undermothered mothers and their daughters

I was woefully undermothered as a child. My mother was woefully undermothered as a child. My mother’s mother was woefully undermothered as a child. These wounds run deep.

Magick Lessons

Magick Lesson Two – The big one

For as long as humans have been telling each other stories, they’ve been telling stories about magick. Some of the older stories, when translated correctly, are remarkably close to true. Unfortunately, many of our modern tales of magick are not nearly as true.



Focus on forgiveness Not merely of others but forgiveness of self Forgive our self for not knowing those things we only learned too late

Hey God - The book Magick Lessons

Magick 101

Magick isn’t something you do, magick is what you are. Already. For reals. Humanity has always known that we are magick.


Protest at the MDP central committee meeting

I had plans for Saturday, December 3rd, but when the event notice popped up on my newsfeed I knew I wanted to be at this Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) meeting instead. I probably should have read the event description a little closer, because I didn’t fully realize that I was going to a protest, but…

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Tommy, can you hear me?

Communicating vs. Broadcasting


Healing a nation, one heart at a time

I haven’t voted yet. I want to meditate first and I want to write even more than I want to meditate. I choose to heal myself and integrate myself and accept all parts of myself and appreciate the unresolved drama and brilliant insights and wretched grief and uninterrupted bliss that I AM. Because what I…