The Law of One is the theory that all of creation is fundamentally one gigantic entity pretending to be many, smaller entities, i.e. us. God is not separate from us, we are God, in very real and tangible ways.

Once we accept this as a fundamental truth in our lives, we can begin to focus our thoughts, challenge contradictory beliefs, and create the life we choose. Until we forget. And we always forget.

Law of One coaching offers a space where we can remember who we are and why we’re really here. We reconnect our hearts to the vibration of pure love and from there we can heal our bodies, hearts, minds, lives, and relationships. We reset our intentions based on the unshakeable knowledge that we will create whatever we choose to focus on.

We all have people in our lives who tell us that we’re flawed, we’re sinners, we’ve fallen from grace; theirs or someone else’s. How many people remind us we’re actually gods and goddesses wandering around pretending that we’re not? We believe we’re divine but we keep forgetting. Who reminds us with a smile that we’re more powerful than we think?

I do.

I’m currently offering one-on-one remote sessions (video or voice only) helping you go from knowing the Law of One to living the Law of One in a brief yet powerful 30-day program, including:

Three hours of calls –

  • One hour initial session
  • Two half-hour sessions, as needed during the next 30 days
  • One hour final session at the end of the month

Meditations and exercises for daily practices connecting with the One

30 days. 3 hours of live support. Unlimited Love. All for $333

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Kya Rose | Lansing, MI | It’s All Right Now