Kya Rose

Have you ever had a conversation that changed your entire life? A conversation that sparked an insight so powerful that you never looked at life in quite the same way again?

Would you like to?

Have you ever sat down and talked to someone who really listened to you, asked you insightful questions, and helped you to focus more on where you want to go instead of where you’ve been?

Are you ready to?

Are you ready to laugh more and yell less?

To sleep better and feel less stressed during the day?

Would you like to expand the peace in your heart and clarity in your head?

Let’s talk.

I’m Kya, a queer, neurodivergent, gen x mom with a passion for spiritual energy healing. I’ve been ordained clergy and a Reiki Master Teacher since 2002 and I have been coaching, healing, celebrating weddings, funerals, and rites of passage, teaching, learning, and mentoring for most of my adult life.

Late in 2021, I signed on to yet another life coaching course and ended up having the most powerful conversations of my life. This series of seven unique, private conversations combine new discoveries in psychology with ancient wisdom focused on creating deep, lasting, and personal transformations in our lives, our relationships, and our community. If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or burned out and have tried to overcome these feelings before, you know exactly how hard it can be. Believe me, I’ve been there too – waiting for insights and manifestations that never showed up. Those past disappointments make it really hard to believe the next counselor, coach, teacher, and priest when they say they have something new, something revolutionary, something that actually works.

But… I do.

“The solution to outwardly complex problems created by misguided thought will not arise from complicated analytical theory, but will emerge as an insight wrapped in a blanket of simplicity.”

Sydney Banks

Where are my manners?
WELCOME! Pull up a chair, and let me get you a beverage.
I genuinely appreciate you for giving me your time right now. 

Are you interested in a quick, simple, fun approach to mental health that has already helped others –

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower stress
  • Improve relationships, even ones that both partners thought were “doomed”
  • Increase focus and satisfaction
  • Feel more energized and alive
  • Feel like better parents by enjoying the day to day antics of their children more and shouting less
  • Overcome body image issues, increase self-esteem, and finally feel good enough to meet their goals

These transformations and so many more are the result of simple, authentic conversations – human being to human being – where we share insights on thought, consciousness, and human behavior in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space. These conversations change lives. They are growing in popularity because they’re an absolute game-changer. Unlike conventional therapies that take years of discussing past traumas and addressing current issues one topic at a time, these conversations address the fundamental question – why do we think the way we think?

There are a few simple, powerful truths that run our lives. In addition, there are countless lies that also run our lives. When we learn how to sort the truth from the lies our entire life changes for the better, automatically. Now, I’m not going to try and convince anyone that I’ve cornered the market on truth, but I do have a lot of life experience, some really good information, and powerful strategies for recognizing a lot of those pesky lies.

The originator of this conversational approach to psychology, Syd Banks, was just a quiet welder who had a spontaneous transformational insight in 1973 that changed his life in an instant. He began teaching and developed the Three Principles as a result of what he learned. In the 50 years since Mr. Banks’ experience, tens of thousands of people have had conversations sharing their own personal understanding of the Three Principles and the insights they have inspired.

“The world needs more conversations like this.”

“After completing the 7-week course with [Kya] I gained insights as to where I could harness my own power better.

Much different than therapy, we talked about how to balance energies and walk through mind-made flames without getting burned instead of focusing on my perceived burns. I really appreciated that the course didn’t involve me proving myself or my experiences each week as we covered new and juicy subjects.

If anyone is needing strength or healing powerful information I would HIGHLY recommend taking this course.

Don’t be shy, say yes to yourself and say yes to a course with Kya.” 💜

-Athena G.

Because I believe in these insights, my skills, and your desire to live a more satisfying life, I’m offering to LET YOU TRY THIS. Free.

Yes, free. No cost. No strings. Book the first conversation with me.

Let me talk to you about this revolutionary approach to life that has the potential to shift your entire life forever. Give me one hour. 

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