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You were born knowing just how precious and valuable you were. You weren't ashamed, you didn't hide your needs, you expressed yourself fully to the whole world. Somewhere along the line, that changed. You decided that parts of you were good and parts of you were not.

Fighting to hide parts of yourself is exhausting. It’s time to make peace with yourself and live as the whole, amazing person you were born to be.

Not Your (Neuro)Typical Coach


I’m Kya Rose, a neurodivergent reintegration coach. I often call myself an Inner Voice Coach as many of my clients come to me looking to change the way they talk to themselves about themselves inside their own heads.

Did you grow up in a family where you were expected to grow up too fast, neglected, or heavily criticized?

Are you struggling to make sense of the spiritual teachings you heard as a child or recovering from religious trauma?

Do you lay awake at night reviewing your day (or even your life) and feeling ashamed of your past actions?

I can help.

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Kya has a way of helping others figure out what they already know, absorb the information that they need to know, and sort it out in a way that makes sense. She has been helping me do it for several years now. 10/10
Leslie White
Child Care Supervisor, Retired
If anyone is needing strength or healing powerful information I would HIGHLY recommend taking Kya's course. It will have an immediate impact in your awareness, and a lasting impact as you continue on with more wisdom to help you navigate yourself inside and out. The world needs more conversations like this.
Athena G.

Not Therapy, Reintegration

Kya Rose
Kya Rose

Nobody is born feeling ashamed of themselves. Shame is learned and we can unlearn it. Even when we feel like we’ve always been like this and nothing has helped, even then, healing is possible.

I was born perfectly, wonderfully me to a family that wasn’t really all that into me. I know what it’s like to be taught to feel inadequate, incapable, and ashamed of who I am and everything I’ve done

I used to go to bed night after night spending endless hours going over everything in my head; my day, my behavior, my looks, my decisions. I hated myself and would wake up, exhausted, dreading the coming day because I knew nothing was going to change.
I’ve self-medicated and I’ve struggled with addiction, self-harm, and thoughts of suicide. None of the many traditional therapists I saw (both outpatient and in) helped me understand what I was doing to myself or why.
When I lost my only daughter to suicide, I knew I had to choose life, for her sake and mine.
It took me 50 years to make peace with myself, unlock my spiritual superpowers, and learn to love myself but now, when I lay down at night, I instantly begin to bask in the most beautiful positive thoughts and feelings. I sleep peacefully and well, enjoy powerful, uplifting dreams and wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to do what needs to be done (even if I don’t always like to do it).
Because I know just how painful life can be when you know God loves you but some days you can’t figure out why because you genuinely hate yourself, I’m dedicated to remind them of how powerful they are so they can enjoy all this succulent, vibrant, glorious life has to offer us without unreasonable guilt, shame, or thoughts of self-harm.

Uplifting, impactful items that help you show off your neurodivine pride in style!

Kya Rose

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