After decades of rebranding and relabeling myself, I’ve gotten fairly good at it. Colors and textures and roses of every hue. I have a stack of DBAs I’ve filed over the years, never moving much further on the path before I’d be on another. I remember literally getting into the car after securing a DBA and hearing my guides say, “Well, good. That’s the end of that.”

The end? I thought I was starting something but I was actually marking the end. Fun times with Kya and her internal cast of colorful characters.

So, is this different? Or just another flash in the pan?

This time I’m working with friends.

This time my teacher was almost entirely aligned with my inner needs for confidence, validation, and integrity. This new practice feels balanced, grounded, and full of life. I’m feeling good about adopting this identity because it avoids a lot of the pitfalls I’ve been getting stuck in.

Kya Rose Conversations. Not “coaching”. I’m not a coach, I’m a … human being. A human being who’s seen a lot and isn’t here to judge or guide anyone. I’m just here to deliver information about how the human brain functions and talk about life.

These conversations are mostly inspired by the teachings of Sydney Banks. I am often inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Ra (L/L Research), etc. so the conversations occasionally stray into those teachings as well, depending on interests.

Seven conversations. Conversations that change lives.

Currently testing, beginning conversation four this week. with my beautiful, generous friends. They are already reporting enjoying the process, we’ll see how things turn out for them in week eight!

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