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The Cost Question: How Much Value Do We Get For The Price?

Believe me, I understand. You’re on a tight budget but you want the best wedding you can afford. It’s true for couples on shoestring budgets and for couples planning a wedding in the six-figure range. Price is always important, period. That said, let’s consider the difference between Price (what something costs, in dollars and cents) and Value…

Wedding Planning tips

5 Great Lansing area Wedding Venues

As an officiant, I’ve seen a fair number of the local wedding venues and I often get asked about the best place to have a wedding, so I thought I’d share my favorite local spots, in no particular order.

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5 Frequently Forgotten Wedding Courtesies

Planning a Wedding Your Guests Will Love I know, I know. It’s your special day, it should be all about you and what you want, right? Weeeellllll… yes and no. It is your wedding and it should be special for you but when you’re throwing a party for 50-500 people, it needs to be planned…