When you ask your friend to officiate your wedding

Ever since the Internet started offering online ordinations, couples have given at least a passing thought to having a friend or relative write and perform their wedding ceremony. Currently, in the State of Michigan this practice is in a grey area between being legal and illegal (a limbo sometimes called “alegal“) but it is very much legal in other states and some Michigan couples are willing to risk it here as well.

Is it a good idea? That depends entirely on you and your friend.

Check out the video below and I’ll catch up with you after.

So, what did you think?

For some couples, it would be perfect. For others, it would be agony. The groom didn’t look like he was having a lot of fun to me, but I don’t know him, maybe being roasted publicly on the best day of his life only made the ceremony that much sweeter.

What I did notice is that it looked like the words of the ceremony were a total surprise to the couple. If that appeals to you, I’m probably not the right officiant for you. My couples read and approve of every word in my scripts before I print and read them in front of your grandmother, in-laws to be and best friends.

If you still think that having your friend perform your ceremony is a great idea, go for it! If you live in the State of Michigan, you may want to cover your legal bases by getting a quick “paperwork wedding” either at your local courthouse or with me (or another established officiant of your choice) before you celebrate your big day with your family and friends.

No matter what you choose to do or whom you choose to officiate, I wish you the happiest wedding and the most joyful marriage!