Fair Witness Coaching

I’m back.

I’ve been trained as a coach with the Coach Approach system and I’m eagerly practicing my new skills! My friends have been kind enough to allow me to explore this new approach to problem-solving. As a coach, my job is to listen, reflect, ask questions and facilitate the process of turning ideas into action plans.

My friend, Judith, suggested that I’ve been coaching people online for about 20 years now, but the training gave me a framework and the courage to branch out.

Why Fair Witness?

If you’re not familiar with one of my favorite books, Stranger in a Strange Land, you might not understand the idea behind the Fair Witness. As described in Robert Heinlein’s 1961 science fiction novel, a Fair Witness is a profession much like a judge. Those who pursue it are given extensive training that eliminates their personal biases and enhances their memories. Once trained, they act like Notary Publics with the twin superpowers of photographic memory and total recall. As neutral, highly-respected, recorders of objective facts, their presence is protective, unobtrusive and desirable when engaging in any discussions that might otherwise become a “He said, She said” situation. A Fair Witness in the room keeps everyone honest and focused.

That’s what I aspire to be – fair, honest, unbiased, protective, focused. My friends are helping me become the person I have always wanted to be.

It’s a great feeling!