I was ordained in 2002 and have been designing, writing and performing wedding and commitment ceremonies for couples since 2005. For nearly 10 years I served as a wedding officiant and I’ve had the honor of presiding over close to 300 ceremonies as of the end of 2018.

Wedding scene - bride, groom and Kya as the officiant
On 8/8/08 they were clients, but ever since they’ve been my friends.

At this time, I’m not pursuing couples anymore. However, if you’re looking for my services, I am still available. I tend to be hanging around Holly, MI and the Michigan Renaissance Festival on weekends from mid-August through September, but I’m always delighted to help couples design the exact ceremony they want.

I think there are still some reviews of my work here on the Wedding Wire website, but the link is getting a little old now.

I’ve learned a lot about the ins and outs of weddings over the years. It comes in handy in other celebratory situations too; pregnancies, births, birthdays, manhood, womanhood, change of life, change of name, change of gender, new house, a new pet, new job, lost job, lost pet, hellos, goodbyes and everything in between. Any occasion offers us an opportunity to gather in a circle and celebrate the moment with the people we care the most about.

I can help you design a ceremony especially tailored to meet your needs.
Contact me for more information.

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