Energetic Supports

Health is our natural state of being. Though the COVID-19 virus caught the attention of the world, we’ve been living in a pandemic of ill health for such a long time that we can’t even see it. The foundation of energetic medicine theory is – under optimum conditions we heal. Our cells know what to do. As we heal, we open ourselves up to more energy and our healing begins to snowball as we expand our capacity for health.

Energetic medicine is holistic, in the sense that each person is seen as an individual with a unique history and pattern of vibration, energy, and blocks. Two people might have the same allopathic diagnosis but completely different energy patterns governing their symptoms. An MD might give both patients the same drug, but our consultants will work with each one of them in very different ways.

Much of the healing work is in the mind; changing destructive thought patterns, meditation, visualization, etc. but some of it is physical; breathwork, creative movement. Energy can always meet you wherever you are. You won’t be asked to do anything painful though some things may be difficult.

The goal is to integrate and accept ourselves exactly where we are and learn how to let our mental and physical energy blocks go, allowing the abundant energy of the universe to flow to us and through us with as little interference as possible.

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Kya Rose | Lansing, MI | It’s All Right Now