My Daughter, Faerin

If you tried to contact me recently, you may have been redirected to one of my associates instead.

On Tuesday, May 19th the Lansing police informed me that my oldest child and only daughter, Faerin, age 23, was deceased. I immediately asked them what happened but had to wait 16 hours before anyone answered that question for me.

I live in Lansing, in Ingham county and Faerin died in Grand Ledge, in Eaton county, so information channels were not open and flowing the way I would have liked. Her death was initially ruled a suicide but I have information that makes me strongly doubt that finding. Currently, her death is under investigation and it will be months before we have any final answers in her case.

In the meantime, I have returned to booking and performing weddings. I just wanted to explain that my absence wasn’t trivial or permanent. Due to the complex and unusual circumstances surrounding her death, I have incurred some unexpected expenses and am currently seeking small donations to help cover the costs. If you are interested in helping my family out at this time, please click here.

Thank you for your patience during this time.