Grief takes you funny places

I am a Midwestern mom who speaks nothing but English and holds a virgin passport. So why am I going to Seoul, Korea to watch a French musical next month?

It’s all about my daughter, Faerin, her love of adventure, her amazing friendships, and my faith.

When Faerin was 15 she learned of a Japanese rock music festival in Los Angeles and decided she had to go. She made all of the arrangements, found a new friend to share the journey with and spent a crazy, amazing adventure far from home before returning home with photos and phone numbers and stories to tell.

Hoodie musketeers
l. to r. – Shelly, Faerin, and Puu in LA

While she was in LA she met Puu and she, along with her travel partner, Shelly, and Puu formed a power trio. Puu taught Faerin to appreciate Korean pop music and sparked an obsession that lasted years. For Faerin’s 18th birthday, she and I took a road trip to Minneapolis to see Puu. We spent a decadent weekend being escorted and pampered by Puu and her mother, another memorable trip that filled our hearts with joy and laughter for years to come. Recently, both Puu and Faerin became super fans of the French musical Mozart, l’opera rock and all three of the boys and I were constantly exposed to it as a result. I know R. had at least part of it on his playlist and I ended up with earworms from it on several occasions.

When Faerin died in May, Puu was studying in S. Korea, but she made the trip to Faerinstock, where I played a song from Mozart, l’opera rock to represent her love of music. Puu joined the family Sunday night after the weekend was over before heading back to the airport and across the ocean. Over the holidays, Puu decided to return home to Minnesota to be with her father before he passed. 2015 was a hard year for all of us.

Shortly after Faerin died, Ben and I applied for passports. It was symbolic and practical, as we thought we’d be traveling together. J. was 16 and heading to live with his dad, so we didn’t include him. I intend to get him one once he’s 18.

When Puu learned that the original French cast of Mozart, l’opera rock was performing in Seoul she lamented her fate on Facebook. I just so happen to live on Facebook, so I saw her post and offered her a virtual hug. I know Faerin would not have missed the opportunity for the adventure.

With Faerin gone, the opportunity for adventure falls to me. Me? I’m humbled and delighted and devastated and terrified and I have 100% absolute faith that this is the right path for me to follow. To go where Faerin would have eagerly gone and make the most of one of these incredible friendships I inherited from my daughter who collected incredible friends.

So Ben and I are heading to Korea to watch a French musical in April. Funny ol’ world, ain’t it?