A wedding in a restaurant? It’s no joke!

I have friends on Facebook. It’s true. Some of us are silly and profound and clever and we post funny comments on each other’s statuses. After one such round of banter, I got a friend request from a friend of a friend. He assured me he wasn’t a creeper, he just liked my sense of humor. So I added him and went on with my life, as he went on with his.

Fast forward a year or two. My new friend, Michael, has fallen madly in love with Kassandra. Who could blame him? Look at her, she’s incredible! He’s not so bad either.

So they’ve decided to marry. They want a big Catholic wedding with all of the trimmings… someday. There’s a little legwork that goes into securing a priest and they really wanted to be married a little sooner than that, so they got together and came up with a great idea – a public wedding on April Fool’s Day. They could invite their nearest and dearest to dinner and in the middle of everything, just stand up, get married and blow everyone’s minds! Is it a joke? Nope, it’s a wedding! So fun!

Now comes the hard part, finding an officiant who will perform a slightly foolish, casual wedding. Kassandra got online and started looking for someone. After looking at a few websites she found me and told Michael that I looked like I’d be perfect for the job. Michael took a look at my website and said, “Hey, I think I’m friends with her on Facebook!”

Sure enough, I was that random silly person he’d connected with on a whim over a year ago. He didn’t even know I was an officiant!

So we headed to Olive Garden on April 1st and, just before dinner arrived, the three of us stood up, had a short and sweet ceremony, signed the papers and, voilà, married. We were in the back in a private room, so I’m not sure just how many people were surprised by our impromptu performance, but it was real and heartfelt and it made my friends (now they are BOTH my Facebook friends) happy and that’s what really matters.

Stay silly everyone, it can bring you great things!

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  1. Kassy Tousignant

    Thank you for such a memorable experience! I couldn’t have asked for anything better! We were so thankful for your open nature and willingness to be silly with us. Even the impromptu karaoke at the table! What a great night. Thanks for everything!

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