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I like muffins. I like selecting the recipes, adding ingredients, observing the alchemy that turns flour and fruit into cakes. They’re fun.

I’m kind of over them though. I know that my GoFundMe still sells the idea that I will spread muffins around the globe but I no longer see a lot of muffins in my future. I have made many muffins, gone to two ren fests over several days and learned many things. Mostly that people don’t really want muffins from a dead girl. No clue why…

My future looks more like a campaign to prevent suicide or promote the right to die with dignity than a bake sale. I need more time and ideas, but there is a powerful shift in the direction this energy is heading in. Less muffiny, for sure.

I want to engage teens at risk for suicide with the idea that their family and friends would have done anything to avoid the pain of survivorship. Maybe a video library of stories from surviving parents, family and friends? Something, someday…