The cocoon

Our healing journey can be compared to many things. I’ve compared it to the sprouting of a seed before. Lately I’ve been comparing it to the transformation of a caterpillar. Mostly because my current state of mind can be excused and understood when I define it as a cocoon.

After exhausting myself by running around as a lonely caterpillar, feeling like I could fly but not having the first clue how to do it, I finally gave up. Or gave in. Or gave out? Anyway, I stopped.

I stopped writing. I stopped attending meetings and events. I stopped working all but my primary job. I just stopped moving.

And I started to meditate. I started to focus my thoughts. I started to pay attention to the way I felt. I’m no longer crawling along as a caterpillar, neither am I flying off as a butterfly. Right now, I’m little more than goo in a cocoon, waiting to reform into something amazing.

So I wait. And I focus. And I smile.

Because when I get my wings
I’m going to soar!

Healing a nation, one heart at a time

I haven’t voted yet. I want to meditate first and I want to write even more than I want to meditate.

I choose to heal myself and integrate myself and accept all parts of myself and appreciate the unresolved drama and brilliant insights and wretched grief and uninterrupted bliss that I AM.

Because what I AM is what I’m going to see as this election cycle gives birth to the next election cycle and this nation either pulls together or pulls apart. I AM pulling myself together. I AM cherishing what I have and choosing to give more of myself to others who may cherish my gifts even more than I do.

The thought that inspired this post was –

Nobody is asking you to be ashamed of being born (choose any that apply)
white, male, cis, christian, rich, poor, american, … whatever…

We’re asking you to be ashamed of choosing to be
aggressive as opposed to assertive, self serving, coercive, divisive, colonizing, condescending, sexist, classist, racist, …
…especially when you blame it on “God”, that’s just childish and should never be tolerated in polite company.

It’s not your body, it’s your behavior.

I should make a bumper sticker.

I need to heal me. You need to heal you. I can’t heal you and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you turn me into whatever you consider “healthy”. We’re all making the same journey, we just need to stay in our own lane.

Stay on your own mat. Sweep your own porch. Heal your own heart.

Then you can help others to do the same, for themselves, by being the change and showing the way.

I think that’s it, off to meditate, then vote with my baby who just turned 18 in September and gets a Presidential vote right out of the gate. I wasn’t able to vote for a President until I was 21, a lifetime ago.