Welcome to the Circle

The Dance by Henri Matisse depicts five people holding hands and dancing in a circle.
The Dance by Henri Matisse

I’m not sure where you’re from or how you found me but I’m honored that you’ve come here to share in my little slice of the internet. Here we explore many things; spirituality, health, relationships, personal growth and public service with a focus on individual responsibility and holistic support. Humanity has long labored under the Pyramid Paradigm, where there’s a king at the top of the social structure. This king has a court, who have support, etc. all the way to the very bottom of the pyramid where people are most exploited and suffering.

Here, we are choosing to see society as a circle, with no person above or below another. Equals. With different needs and goals and experiences, meaning that we all need different types of support in order to serve the circle as best we can, but those who need more are no less than those who need less. Until we can see each other as equals, we won’t evolve.

We offer the occasional interesting writings in our blog along with a host of services, including:

  • Transformative Events
  • Energy Medicine
  • Soul Readings
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Magick Lessons
  • Ceremony and/or Ritual Design services
  • Ceremony and/or Ritual Hosting (including Wedding Officiant) services
  • etc

Big Deal. you say. What’s in it for me?

Are you living your best life?
Do you have all of the energy and stamina to do everything you want to do?
Have you overcome anxiety, worry and doubt?

Would you like to do all of these things and more?

Come join us in the circle and let’s create the best lives possible for everyone concerned!

Interested? Contact us today to start a conversation!

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Kya Rose | Lansing, MI | It’s All Right Now