Magick Lessons

Are you struggling with a life that seems too hard? Do you feel that there has to be an easier way? Have you ever wondered if magick powers are really real?

Yes, what we consider “magick” is very real, we use it every day and we can teach you how to focus and use it to improve your mood, your relationships, your health and your life.

What is Magick?

We’re not talking about card tricks or sawing people in half. Nor are we talking about fantasy magick where a wave of a wand or the wiggle of a nose makes things appear and disappear. This “magick” is a science and an art that changes lives.

It is the combination of the energetic arts (reiki, energy medicine, healing touch, chakra clearing, aura polishing, etc.), with knowledge about the causes and cures for emotional trauma, tempered by a healthy dose of science and skepticism. It may not give you the power to fly or walk through walls, but it will enhance your life immeasurably. We strive for a healthy balance between the idea of “magickal healing powers” on one side and practical, measurable real world strategies for personal growth on the other. Our magick lessons are designed to meet you wherever you are on your own spiritual path and help you find a comfortable balance between the fantastic and the mundane.

Our teachers are students of creation; not healers, doctors, shamans, or priests. We work with other students; not clients, patients, cases, or parishioners. The idea behind this is that no one can ever know enough to stop being a student. With enough time, information, discipline, common sense and desire we can all progress together without relying on labels to tell us who knows the most.

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Kya Rose | Lansing, MI | It’s All Right Now