Everybody wants to know – How much do you charge?

I work on a donation basis for first appointments.
Your donation is always optional, yet deeply appreciated.

The suggested donation is whatever you consider fair for the time and information you receive.

Second and subsequent appointments, weddings, transformative events, etc. fees will be negotiated and agreed to in the form of a contract before moving forward.


What can I expect from a consultation?

During the initial short, free consultation we’ll discuss your needs, assess your current energetic state and determine if we both feel comfortable working together. If you choose to continue, you’ll learn the basics about human energy; how it flows, where it comes from, how to draw on it, etc. We will uncover and explore any blocks that are keeping your energy from flowing freely through your life. As each person is different, each path to healing is unique and your experience will be customized to fit your needs.

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Kya Rose | Lansing, MI | It’s All Right Now