Honored and humbled

These amazing folks are Alexa and Andrew Murray. They were married exactly one week ago in the MSU Alumni Chapel in East Lansing.

Alexa and Andrew

We first met all the way back in January of 2013 when they were first looking for officiants. It took them a few months and a couple of interviews with other folks before they decided to book me, but I’m SO glad they did!
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Amy and Chef Nick wed at the overlook in Frances Park

If you’re studying culinary arts in the Lansing area, you may know Chef Nick. He and his lucky bride, Amy, celebrated a June wedding with family and friends in the overlook area of Frances Park, right next to Nick’s “thinking rock”, his favorite spot in the world to relax and contemplate the future.

Chef Nick and Amy at Frances Park Lansing Michigan

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Quiet ceremony at the Meridian Historical Village in Okemos

This one was fun!

Nick and Rozina knew they wanted to be married. They knew where and when but they hadn’t quite settled on the officiant yet. Rozina began emailing me last year but we kept missing connections and other wedding plans seemed to be more important, so she put me off for a few months.

Nick and Rozina married in OkemosSuddenly, the wedding was right around the corner and they had no officiant. I began getting panicked emails asking if I was available. Due to other weddings and plans, I was unable to get back to poor Rozina right away. It may have been the longest weekend of her life.

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June wedding on the Hawk Hollow Golf Course

Say hello to James and Brianna! Aren’t they gorgeous?


James and Brianna after their wedding ceremony

I first met them, along with Brianna’s mother, Tina, back in February. After 4 wonderful years together they were looking for a lighthearted, short and sweet ceremony that included their daughter and was fun for their guests.

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Congratulations to Heather and Luis in Vermontville today!


What a lovely day for an outdoor wedding!

IMG_20140524_173600Heather and Luis wanted a casual, fun, vintage ceremony at the Cherry Barc Farm in Vermontville and they got gorgeous weather with a cool breeze and plenty of sun. Fabulous!



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5 Frequently Forgotten Wedding Courtesies

Planning a Wedding Your Guests Will Love

WeddingsI know, I know. It’s your special day, it should be all about you and what you want, right?

Weeeellllll… yes and no. It is your wedding and it should be special for you but when you’re throwing a party for 50-500 people, it needs to be planned for more than just 2 of them.

These are just a few things to think seriously about from your guest’s perspectives before you send out your invites.

What ages will be attending?

While many modern couples are choosing whether or not to plan a child-friendly wedding, they typically forget to plan an elder-friendly wedding. Venues that are difficult to access, programs/seating charts/invitations with too tiny print, lack of shade or warmth at an outdoor ceremony, vague directions to the reception venue, loud music too early in the reception – all of these things can challenge and confound your beloved older guests. Continue reading 5 Frequently Forgotten Wedding Courtesies

Our new logo


What do you think?

Our new logo was designed by Susan over at LogoLane on Etsy. I think she nailed it; the peacock feather quill writing up some enchantment for your wedding. Divine!

Next stop, designing a look to show it off. I started with this website but next on the list is the business cards, letterhead and labels. Fun times ahead!

What do you think?

Movin’ on up!!

As some of you may have noticed, our website has changed!

I have been working on this new design for several months now at another URL and just migrated over here as of about 20 minutes ago. I hope that by doing it in the middle of a Thursday night I disrupted as few visitors as possible. Thank you coffee and nerves for getting me through this process!

If you see any glitches, email me and let me know so I can sort them out. I hope to be able to use this blog to share information about weddings for many years to come!

Take care!
Kya Rose

Unity Candles – Yea or Nay?

If you’ve been to more than two weddings in your life you’ve seen it, right? Two small candles are lit and the bride and groom light the center candle together. It symbolizes unity, the light of the spirit, two becoming one, etc. So, is it still trendy or old fashioned or something else entirely?


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What happened to Weddings?

Once upon a time weddings were simple events. You fell in love, you told your family and friends, you went to church in your “Sunday best” clothes for a simple ceremony either during or after the service, then you went home for a small celebration feast with those closest to you. The end. No full year of planning, no high ticket dresses, no fire-breathing elephants dancing at your $50,000 reception hall. Just two people, in love. Simple.

Now the word wedding seems to mean complicated and expensive. Why? What happened?

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