About Kya Rose

Kya Rose, a believer in radical honesty, readily admits that she still has a great deal to learn about magick. The complex network of energetic processes that govern us from inside and out, above and below and the tools that connect us is daunting, to say the least. Nevertheless, at the tender age of 49, Kya finally embraced her lifelong passion for energy medicine, meditation, and poking her nose into other people’s business helping people reconnect with their innate human magick potential as a teacher of the art of magick.

Raised by parents who dabbled in multiple religions, Kya discovered Wicca at the age of 16 and devoted herself to the study of astrology, numerology and other disciplines. She was ordained in 2002 but despite her faith and curiosity in the magickal world, Kya never once had any significant mystical experiences or encounters. No sight, no spirit guides, no manifestations, nothing. So, in 2005 when she was left the unexpectedly single mother of three children, she abandoned all belief in the spiritual realm and raised her children as an atheist. A choice she feels resulted in the suicide of her daughter, Faerin, in 2015.

Following the loss of her only daughter, Kya threw herself into healing and discovered the core of magick within herself. No longer an atheist, nor a theist, she discovered some basic truths about the nature of happiness, manifestation, overcoming emotional trauma and the very real, very accessible energies that our popular culture has told us fantastical stories about for generations.


What can I expect from a magick lesson?

You’ll learn about energy; how it flows, where it comes from, how to draw on it, etc. You’ll learn that you have blocks that keep this energy from flowing freely through your life. The rest of the lessons depend on you and your individual needs.

How much do you charge?

Currently, Kya works entirely on a donation basis.
Your donation is always optional, yet deeply appreciated.

The suggested donation is whatever you consider a fair hourly wage for private lessons with a sorceress (times the number of hours you book). Sound fair?

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