Healing a nation, one heart at a time

I haven’t voted yet. I want to meditate first and I want to write even more than I want to meditate.

I choose to heal myself and integrate myself and accept all parts of myself and appreciate the unresolved drama and brilliant insights and wretched grief and uninterrupted bliss that I AM.

Because what I AM is what I’m going to see as this election cycle gives birth to the next election cycle and this nation either pulls together or pulls apart. I AM pulling myself together. I AM cherishing what I have and choosing to give more of myself to others who may cherish my gifts even more than I do.

The thought that inspired this post was –

Nobody is asking you to be ashamed of being born (choose any that apply)
white, male, cis, christian, rich, poor, american, … whatever…

We’re asking you to be ashamed of choosing to be
aggressive as opposed to assertive, self serving, coercive, divisive, colonizing, condescending, sexist, classist, racist, …
…especially when you blame it on “God”, that’s just childish and should never be tolerated in polite company.

It’s not your body, it’s your behavior.

I should make a bumper sticker.

I need to heal me. You need to heal you. I can’t heal you and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you turn me into whatever you consider “healthy”. We’re all making the same journey, we just need to stay in our own lane.

Stay on your own mat. Sweep your own porch. Heal your own heart.

Then you can help others to do the same, for themselves, by being the change and showing the way.

I think that’s it, off to meditate, then vote with my baby who just turned 18 in September and gets a Presidential vote right out of the gate. I wasn’t able to vote for a President until I was 21, a lifetime ago.

Arte Lessons

Yup, Arte Lessons, with an e.

Yes, it’s pretentious but I like the distinction. We’re not talking about crayons and paste here, we’re talking about the fine and subtle art of recognizing and consciously manipulating the various vibrations and energies that surround us. The same energies that we ignore and allow to manipulate us most of the time. The Artist sees every choice and action they make as a stroke of color on the canvas of their lives. When those colors are used with discipline and intention, they can create a masterpiece.

I can’t recognize most of those energies. I can channel some of them, a little, sometimes, but I’m not a medical intuitive or psychic surgeon. I can’t read auras or palms or the stars. I can listen. I can open myself up to my intuition and I can commit myself to serving the highest good of all concerned.

I really wish that I was Christie Marie Sheldon, who can apparently see and remove blocks from your energy field within minutes of meeting you. It’s just a gift. She’s been able to do it forever.  …sigh…

Or Donna Eden who can see and correct imbalances along the bodies energetic meridians, like a human acupuncture needle. Or any one of many others with gifts for seeing and healing with these energies.

But I won’t lie and tell you that I’m special. I’m not. I had to invent my own method specifically because I can’t yet see the energies that other people assure me are there. I went through the Reiki training, I even became a Reiki Master Teacher because I was able to skip up the levels without having to demonstrate any actual ability to impact a target at all. In my personal opinion, Reiki benefits greatly from the placebo effect. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s still an effect and it’s non-toxic, all natural, organic, so I’m all for it. It just wasn’t allowing me to make the impact I wanted to make on people’s lives.