Month: November 2015

November 23, 2015 / Lyrical

The ancient tales run like nectar from your tongue
I drink you in
Your elixir of joys and sorrows
Places unseen and lovers unmet
I can taste it all upon your breath
I drink you in

November 6, 2015 / Healingwise

noun pan-the-on
a temple dedicated to all the gods

I have a regular Mount Olympus in my mind. All the gods of me are constantly arguing, gambling and wreaking havoc in my tiny temple. I need them to get along and play nicely with each other so I can make some real progress in my life.

That’s where the Game of Thrones comes in. Obvi. Right?

November 2, 2015 / Healingwise

What is lost?

In less than six months I’ve managed to lose one child to death, one child to a long overdue change in custody and one child to my own unreasonable and unhealthy expectations. I’ve found and lost a roommate (though I’m awfully glad he’s gone) and lost two cats; one to life with her boy and his dad and another to…